A bit about me!

I am Kelly Herstine, and I am a passionate and dedicated individual.  I am a graduate Game Programmer at Champlain College (Vermont, USA). I spend most of my time on my computer working on programming tasks and features, drinking coffee, going to the gym, and enjoying my free time hanging out with a couple of my good friends.

My specialization of game programming is Gameplay Programming. I enjoy being able to work with others in order to create a unique and fun gameplay style for the players. I also enjoy working on Graphics Programming. It amazes me how many different outcomes can be achieved using graphics in video games.

Outside of my work studies, I enjoy playing Dungeons and Dragons with other fellow students at Champlain. I also love to play video games such as Minecraft, Rainbow Six Siege, and Animal crossing with a bunch of my closest friends.

Overall, I am a hard working individual who loves to test herself. I look forward to any challenge that comes my way and am excited to find ways to overcome it.



Burlington, Vermont

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