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Back from Break!

Our school recently had spring break and therefore I was not able to get access to VR. However, I am back at school and ready to dive head first into my team's project!

This past week, the other programmers and I focused on polishing and fixing all of the bugs that we had in our game. Some of the main ones that were included were: fixing the magnet grab for the player, fixing the snowblower lever, and adding hands to where the VR controllers are in the game.

The magnet grab is a mechanic that we have in our game that allows the player to point at an object that may be far from them, and bring it to the hands of the person. The hand would send a raycast outwards and see if it hit an interactable object and then would bring that object to the hand's position. Our team had a bug where if the player clicked on that object the object would move to the player's hand but drop on the ground. The player would then be able to pick it up if they clicked on it again. I was tasked with trying to fix this bug.

It took a couple of hours to try and fix this as we are using a plugin to help with the interactions with objects in our game. It turns out that the hands in the game would only check to see if a button was being pushed, not held down. Now I know what you may be thinking, "well duh, of course, you should have checked that first!" Heres the thing, I did. I tried a bunch of different options with trying to fix the hands and checking to see if the button was being pressed versus held down was one of the first things that I did. The issue was that there was a lot of reordering of code I had to do in order to get it to work correctly.

Since we wanted the player to be able to look at an object and hold down the button to bring it to them and hold it, we needed to change the way we were handeling controller interaction. I ended up adding a check in the code to see whether the hand was holding down a button and if so, using the magnet grab to get an object. This did take a couple of hours but I was able to fix it and made sure that it felt good.

The other two bugs were tasked to the other two programmers on my team. Both of them are still currently working on fixing the bugs. Our team also made great strides in the design, art, and production departments.

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