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Champlain Game Fest

This week our game attended Champlain Game Fest. This event was a showcase for multiple games around Burlington. The public went around to each game at the event and played them. There were awards at the end of the event and Snowball Showdown won the award for "Audience Choice Best Game." The team was ecstatic when we heard that we had won!

Image of the Award:

On top of the Game Fest, this week was Alpha, so the team had a lot of work to cover. Unfortunately, we were also down a programmer since he had to be elsewhere. I worked on making sure that the snapping of the snowball in the player's hand felt right. I also worked on adding an animation to the snowblower to make it seem like a smooth transition. On top of this, I added different damages per snowball.

For the snapping, the team and I decided on scaling where the position of the snowball was in the hand depending on the scale of the snowball itself. This proved to be a difficult task. I worked on moving the position based on whether the snowball was a greater than a certain size, however, for some reason this didn't always work. The only time it would move the snowball up was if you were holding it in your hand since the beginning. It seemed like the update for checking the snowball scale was a bit off and wouldn't check to see where it needed to be. I ended up not being able to figure out the bug for Alpha. The snapping still worked fine but having it flawless seemed like a bug I would need to fix next week.

I also worked on adding in different damage per snowball item. This went very smoothly and I was able to create it very fast. I added in the animation for the snowblower which took me a bit more time to do. Since I wasn't very familiar with animations in Unity, I needed to do some research on how to hook up all of the animations. Once I understood how to do that, it went pretty smoothly. Overall the week went very well!

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