• Kelly H

Closing the Game Loop

We did it folks. We finally closed the game loop for Snowball Showdown. It took us 12 weeks but we finally did it!

This week our team focused on making sure that we closed the loop for our game. In order to do this, we needed to finish up player health, create a score system, and create UI to display each of these things. Along with this, we made sure that we tweaked some minor bugs that we were having as well as adding in some animations.

For this week, I was tasked with fixing a bunch of small bugs that were on the backlog as well as adding in an animation for the snowblower in our game. There was an interesting bug when the player would scoop inside the fort and two snowballs would appear. It turns out the reason this was happening was because when we copied over the old project into the new SDK, there was a duplicate of that collider. It was very nice having an easy fix for that one. I am usually used to spending a couple of hours trying to figure out bugs with networking so getting that one done fast was very nice.

The next thing that I worked on was the animations for the snowblower. We originally were having issues with getting the snowblower to properly interact with the player so we decided to make it an animation instead. Once I got the animation from the artist on the team, it was smooth sailing from there. Luckily I have used Unity's animation system before so I was familiar with what I was doing.

One of the other programmers on my team worked on making the score system and an end state for the game and the other programmer worked on bug fixes. So this week was pretty productive!

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