Its Coronavirus Time!

Hello! These past couple of weeks and months the team has really been able to shift into gears and pump out amazing systems. We got extremely far in our game and have almost all of our goals in.

However, something really bad happened during spring break. Covid-19 began to pop up and become a huge issue that many people had to worry about.

Even with this problem, I decided to fill out a form that the school sent out allowing students to move into the off-campus housing that it had. Since I already lived in the building, I didn't have any issues and I was able to come back pretty smoothly. As this happened, I realized the team, as well as I, had lost a lot of the motivation we had before break. We were all having a very hard time getting school work done especially with this global pandemic on the back of all our minds. A couple days after people moved back into the off campus housing, students received another email stating that they were going to kick out a majority of people in the building and that we had to "plead our case" as to why we should stay. Because of this, I was extremely stressed for about 5 days wondering whether or not I was going to be kicked out of the building. I wanted to stay as when I am at my parents house, I have almost no motivation to do anything school-wise. After those five days, I finally found out that I was able to stay and work at school. This was great news as I knew I could be a bit more productive at school. We got another email from the school stating all of our online classes were going to be online as well which was definitely a hard switch.

As the weeks went by, the team and I started getting used to everything that was happening. The team motivation definitely dropped but we are still managing to complete all of our tasks on time as well as get important systems into the game. While the times are definitely tough right now, we are doing the best that we can.

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