New Beginnings

As the title suggests it, our game ended up not passing through mid-mortems. As a team, we worked very hard to create a presentation that we all thought looked great. Some of the designers this week polished a few more things in game so that the trailer for the presentation would look nice. Overall, we wanted to "wow" the audience.

When it came to mid-mortems on Friday night, our team rocked it. We had a very solid presentation and the crowd seemed to love it. There were laughs and applause throughout most of the presentation. It seemed like it was going great! We got off the stage once we were done presenting knowing that we did our absolute best. We put so much love and so many hours into the game and we were all very proud of it.

Unfortunately, when it came to seeing which games would go through in our class, our game did get cut. It ended up being a stalemate with our game and another VR game in the class. They were both very strong contenders. At this point, one game called "Gaze into the Abyss" had been declared safe while another game called "Seize the Cheese" had been cut. The two games left were "Potion Seller" and "Snowball." After an hour and a half of discussion on who should go through, "Snowball" did end up winning. In the end, it came down to which team had more resources if cut, and since our team had an artist and the other one didn't, we had the most amount of resources.

Upon hearing the news, the team was very devastated. We all really wanted to go through but we understood that this happened for a reason and we can all learn from it. Since we knew the cut teams would have to join one of the other games that did make it through, we knew we would be okay. "Snowball" and "Gaze into the Abyss" were both spectacular games that both have a lot of potential.

As a programmer, I was worried about being on-boarded onto the team. On Monday, we were tasked to pick a team to join. I ended up joining the "Snowball" game because I thought that it would be fun to learn how to program in VR. I am still a little worried as I don't really know most of the code in the game and we have to start networking but I think I'll be fine!

Overall, I'm still sad that "Potion Seller" had to be cut, but I am excited about the future.

Here is the trailer that my designer made for our game, Potion Seller.

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