Polish Week!

So this week was all about picking a prototype to present for mid-mortems and polishing it up. Mid-mortems happen once a semester. Every team from the game studio of our year presents a 10-minute slideshow of their game and then explain why it should go through. After this presentation, each class gets together to discuss which games have the most potential to continue forward. For this week, our team decided to continue forward with Potion Seller!

This week I decided to fine tune the crafting system in our game. When I first created the system, it was held together by tape and glue. There was also no shared cauldron, every potion HAD to be created in a different cauldron. I was still somewhat proud of what I made since we did only have one week to produce it but I knew that it needed to change. So I sat down and reworked the entire system. At the end of the week, I had something I was insanely proud of. I was also able to incorporate every potion into one cauldron which helped a lot.

My designer and I sat down together to try and create a believable customer interaction. This proved to be a bit harder than expected because we ended up spending a lot of time on debugging code. We did get it to work in the end and it was something that we were both proud of.

I also worked to change the entire control system. We previously were using controllers for the game but decided that people just didn't seem to like the control scheme. Our QA results showed that many people thought the turning was too fast and needed to be slowed down. I worked on making sure that this was fixed. I also worked on remapping our controls to mouse and keyboard. Luckily, with Unreal this was very easy.

I made sure to update the Technical Risk Assessment Doc so that it included what we did for each sprint in the game. I thought that this might be very important especially if there was a chance that our team ended up going through after mid-mortems.

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