• Kelly H

Prototype 1: Change or Danger

For the first week of the semester, my team and I decided to prototype a game about a chameleon and a bird. This is a two-player game where one player is a chameleon and the other is a bird trying to eat the chameleon. The goal for the chameleon is to eat all of the bugs and return home safely. The goal of the bird is to eat the chameleon before it returns home.

This week, I worked on creating the color changing mechanic that we have in our game. I also worked on all of the movement between the chameleon and the bird. The bird movement proved to be tricky as I was having issues trying to change the input to controllers. I decided to use a third-party software in order to map the controllers correctly. Once this was done, the movement was very smooth. One of the designers on my team worked on the collection of bugs within the level. The other designer worked on the camera movement with the controllers. The artist on my team created low poly block-outs of the characters as well as the trees. We were able to create a very simple prototype at the end of the week that displayed all of our starting mechanics.

One thing that I was very excited to work on was the movement for the bird. I think this was the hardest thing for me to master and get right. I heard of people in the past having trouble trying to get flight to work properly in-game. I was also very excited for the camouflage in the game. I thought that trying to get the materials to mask the chameleon would look great once it is implemented.

Some things that I was worried about was the split screen and networking in the future. I think that the only way for this game to feel right is for networking to be implemented. I haven’t taken the networking class at my school yet, so I think that this will be difficult for me to master.

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