• Kelly H

Prototype 2: Potion Seller

For the second week of the semester, my team and I created a game about a young apprentice whose teacher has accidentally turned into gold. The apprentice must then take over the shop and until he turns him back. The apprentice must create potions for every customer that comes into the shop. The player must drop the correct ingredients into the corresponding cauldron while moving throughout the shop. The goal is to continue learning while creating the potions and eventually gaining the recipe in order to help your teacher turn back into a normal human. For the final game, the team would like to make this a platforming shop management game. This project was made in Unreal.

This week I worked on creating the movement for the player as well as the potion making. The movement wasn't very hard to figure out especially with the visual scripting in Unreal. The tough part of the project was trying to create the potion making. Unreal doesn't support 2D arrays and therefore it was hard for me to try and figure out how to hold a dictionary of ingredients that would result in a potion. Another issue that we ran into was that one of the designers on the team tried to get the dialogue mechanic to work with the customers for the prototype. This ended up not working because we both couldn't figure out how to manipulate the widgets (text box) in Unreal. We ended up scrapping the mechanic for the final prototype. Since we only had a week to prototype this game, we needed to make sure that we put the most important mechanics forward. Overall, we were able to create a prototype that we were proud of and that we thought looked good.

Some things that I was very excited to work on were the visual scripting in Unreal as well as the potion making mechanic. The visual scripting was something new to me and I was excited to see what it was going to be like. I was also very excited to see how the potion making was going to look like in the game.

One thing that I was worried about with this project was also the visual scripting. I wasn't used to Unreal's visual code and it was completely new to me. I knew that I needed to learn all of the visual scripting nodes and then use that to create the prototype. This proved to be a major difficulty as I ended up pouring hours into research. It did end up working in the end and I am very proud of the result.

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