• Kelly H

Prototype 3: HotShot

For the third week of the semester, my team and I decided to prototype a game about a competitive brawler where you play as a heat lamp. The player is a lamp and each player must defeat all of the toys in the room. The player is able to hop around and melt the other toys in the room. While doing this, the player must keep their own light safe while fighting the other toys in the room.

This week, I worked on implementing the movement of the heat lamp as well as the AI behavior. For this prototype, we had to use Rewired in order to get controller input to work correctly. Trying to get the player movement to move was especially tricky this week. Our team wanted the lamps to hop around the scene so I needed to get the hopping movement to feel good. The designers on the team worked on getting the light beam mechanic in the game to feel right. They also worked on the level design of the game. This week was not very great since most of the designers and programmers struggled with the prototype and trying to create something that we all liked. We were also very busy with our graphics class and other major-specific class.

One thing that I was excited to work on was the movement for the lamps. Creating the movement felt really fun and I enjoyed the end result of them moving around. It took me some time to figure out how to get it working properly but once I had it working, the movement felt great.

One thing that I was worried about with this game was trying to get the AI movement to feel right. For a one week prototype, I needed something that was simple and worked since I didn't have much time to work on it due to other work that I had. I eventually implemented a very simple AI behavior, however, the designers on my team decided to scrap it for a navmesh based movement in the end.

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