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Road to Alpha

So this week our team had some very exciting news. My producer applied for Oculus Start and we got accepted! This means that we are able to ask developers at Oculus for help if we need it as well as have some other benefits. Being accepted to Oculus Start was a great beginning to a week of trying to close our game loop.

This week the other programmers and I were tasked to close the game loop for Snowball Showdown. My job was to implement player health and get it networked. As always, this did take way longer than I originally expected. Getting each of the players to have health was the easy part and I was able to do that on my own. When it came to networking, however, I needed some help from my fellow programmers.

One thing that I started this week off was to create a PlayerManager class based around the health and networking aspect of the project. This class would check to see whether a player was being hit by any snowballs and then would subtract their health. It would also update a slider at the left of the screen so that both players could see each other's health.

Next was the networking. Since we are using a plugin to help with the networking of objects in our game, we were able to sift through some of their documentation online to try and figure out what to do. Our team decided that we first needed to send and receive information from the player regarding their health. Once that was implemented, we moved onto making sure that the updated health would be shown on the health slider. We ended up using RPC (Remote Procedural Calls) in order to get this working as well. This ended up taking a lot of debugging but the other programmers and I were able to figure this out and we now have a semi-closed game loop! We just need to add the win/lose states and our game will be golden!

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