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This week I was tasked in creating the Time Trial area in the safe-house. At the beginning of the week, I wasn't able to work on the project as much as I wanted to due to the fact that I had to do Console Programming homework. However, over the weekend I really began to flesh out all the ideas that the designers had given me and their implementations. As shown in the gif, I was able to create a functional time trial area that I am very proud of.

Once the player is in the safe-house, they start by hitting a target, once this has been hit, the timer starts for the player. The player must teleport around the area and shoot all the targets. Once the player has done this, the timer will stop and their time will show on an alarm clock in the scene. The player is able to reset this area by pressing a reset button. This will then start the time trial over again, resetting the clock and the targets.

I didn't run into many problems implementing the time trial. I think the biggest thing that I needed to figure out was how to best check to make sure all the targets had been hit. I ended up having an array of targets and as the targets were hit, they would remove themselves from the array. Once the array hit 0, the game knew that all the targets had been hit and then stopped the timer.

Implementing this was extremely fun and I loved being able to test the area. Another designer on the team had tested the time trial and said it was extremely fun which was very nice to hear. There are some things in the time trial that I would like to change in the future. For example, I was talking with one of the designers on the team and we would like to have the time trial a locked area that the player can purchase. However, since Beta is today, I am very happy with what we have!

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