• Kelly H

Start of Production 2!

Updated: Dec 15, 2019

Its the beginning of the semester, which means its time to get into our Production 2 groups. For those who don’t know what a Production 2 group is, I will explain. Production 2 is a course that all Game Dev students at Champlain College must take. This course facilitates what it should be like in the industry. The teachers allow us to form teams in order to create a game that will hopefully make our schools midterm cuts. To start off, for the first three weeks, each team must create three concepts ideas and create prototypes for them. From those concept ideas, we must decide to go forward with one of the games that we prototyped. Once we choose this, we will continue to work throughout the semester. Each team will have to present their games in the middle of the semester and a group of judges will decide who’s games will go through. After this happens, the teams that went through must choose other students who were cut and put them on their teams. Once this is done, we continue to make the game that the team created until the end of the semester where we present the finalized game.

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